Innovating Immigration Law

Ruby Powers

By Ruby Powers, Immigration Attorney and Mobile Pathways Board of Directors

My mom was born in Mexico and my husband was born in Turkey, so immigration rights have always been very important to me. As a child and spouse of an immigrant and someone who has lived extensively abroad, I find that immigrants have a lot more barriers when it comes to understanding immigration rights and the privileges that come with citizenship. Helping immigrants navigate the complexity of immigration law and policy is just my way of giving back to humanity.

I believe that immigrants bring new ideas to our country, and can help make it stronger and more profitable. I love international relations, human rights and business, so using my skills to create an easier path for those coming to the United States is of great importance.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Law, and am a former candidate for public office. I am the founder of Powers Law Group, P.C., a Houston-based, full-service Immigration law firm. I am Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law and provide comprehensive services such as: family immigration, waivers, employment-based immigration, consular processing, asylum, immigration court (including detained cases), appeals, naturalization and citizenship including complex cases, DACA and FOIAs.

Powers Law Group, P.C. focuses solely on U.S. immigration law which empowers us to provide specialized services for all of our clients’ immigration needs. I have represented individuals from more than 25 countries for asylum in the United States, affirmatively and defensively. I am also the author of a book on law practice management published by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Ruby Power's Book

I met Jeff O’Brien with Mobile Pathways in March of 2022 at the American Bar Association annual convention in Chicago, IL. I learned from Jeff that Mobile Pathways was a combination of helping immigrants, utilizing technology, and maximizing smart business and law practice management to assist the most amount of people in the most impactful way possible.I love that Mobile Pathways merges my interest in law, technology, and advocacy.

Mobile Pathways is not your typical nonprofit. It is leveraging technology and innovation, unlike almost any other organization I have ever seen.

It is only a few years old and has so much potential! If you care about immigrants’ rights, and you want to be a part of the conversation that is leveraging technology to expand and scale representation for the greater good, then you want to follow and monitor what Mobile Pathways is doing and support it for its future endeavors.