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Have you read enough and want to jump in to help us help others?
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What does Mobile Pathways do?

We believe in providing equal access to justice for every immigrant, empowering them to make informed decisions about their legal journey. Mobile Pathways acts a bridge connecting immigrants in immigration court to advocates and services through trusted mobile technology and data.  To inform and guide our audience of underserved immigrants and asylum seekers, we partner with immigration advocates so they can get information about immigrants in court and then make it easy to share that information. Via an innovative digital platform called "MyCamino",  we provide innovative analytics, alerts, and automated text-based communications to those ensuring fair access to justice for all immigrants.

Why mobile technology?

Mobile phones are used world wide and are used extensively by immigrants. In fact, almost all immigrants have used mobile phones before coming to the U.S. Almost all immigrants and undocumented individuals purchase phones upon their arrival. Most therefore, also have access to text technology, voice mail, internet access, etc.

How does Mobile Pathways help immigration advocates?

Our mission centers on leveraging technology to democratize immigration justice. Through "MyCamino," we equip immigration nonprofits with mobile technology, offering real-time insights and predictive analytics about underserved immigrants in court. Our innovative platform simplifies the process of obtaining and sharing crucial legal information for immigrants in the legal system. It enables the dissemination of vital data in any language, through SMS or WhatsApp, ensuring accessibility and understanding.By streamlining these processes, "MyCamino" significantly reduces the workload for immigration nonprofits while amplifying their impact. This efficiency allows them to focus more on providing essential legal support and magnifying their advocacy impact via evidence based trends. Our goal is simple yet profound: to make the U.S. immigration system more navigable and transparent for those in pursuit of refuge.

What makes Mobile Pathways unique?

We have distinguished ourselves by empowering immigration nonprofits to use technology and data effectively, developing innovative mobile technology tools that automatically retrieve legal case information from online government sources. While this cutting-edge technology is instrumental for our partners to amplify their reach, the true X-factor is our unparalleled wealth of data and legal understanding that highlights where immigration justice is failing. Our ever-growing body of insights attracts established immigration advocates while creating a data-driven community of immigration nonprofits. Our data and reports are now shared at the highest levels of government, utilized in lawsuits, and are reforming our broken immigration system. Simply put, no one outside the U.S. Immigration Court has more useful data on the legal immigration process than Mobile Pathways.

How secure is the data stored on Mobile Pathways?

Co-founded by an immigration attorney, Mobile Pathways provides a secure foundation for our immigration nonprofit and attorney partners to safely and securely store and access data about their clients. We recognize that heightened attacks on immigrants in recent years—combined with expanded immigration enforcement—have increased fear in immigrant communities. In this context, achieving and maintaining the trust of our partners is a top priority for us, and we are committed to providing a robust security and privacy approach that carefully considers the data protection concerns of partners, refugees, asylum seekers, minors, and immigrants, particularly those who are undocumented or underdocumented. We follow the key principles described in “Standard of Good Practice for Information Security 2020” (SOGP 2020) published by Information Security Forum (ISF) and incorporate Enterprise Data Management (EDM) practices into everything we do. In short, we are committed to ensuring your data is kept safe, secure, and private.

How do you track impact?

Our focus on fair access to justice relies on a Chain of Causation framework that focuses on three key pillars 1. Enabling Equitable Access to Justice:We’re breaking down knowledge barriers for immigrants, ensuring they receive necessary legal information and guidance via mobile devices. 2.Providing Data-Driven Services: Our innovative approach empowers immigration advocates with analytics, improving case outcomes so they can better guide immigrants through the complexities of immigration court. 3.Advancing Transparency and Accountability: By fostering a more data-driven network of immigration nonprofits, we advance reforms via legislative action.

Where does Mobile Pathways operate?

We primarily offer our services in California and Texas. Through partnerships with over 160 immigration nonprofits, we’ve ensured that more than 1.55 million immigrants have access to crucial legal information. Our collective efforts not only streamlines the work of immigration nonprofits, reducing time spent on information gathering but also instills hope and safety in the immigrants we serve.

Does Mobile Pathways pass on my information?

Mobile Pathways does not pass on private client information to any third party. Mobile Pathways does publish reports and interactive dashboards on ourwebsite to showcase our unjust immigration court system, but this data is gathered from publicly available datasets (i.e., the Executive Office of Immigration Review FOIA data).

If I choose to no longer parnter with Mobile Pathways, will my data be deleted?

Yes. Stewardship and governance are instrumental to our success, and we have formal procedures, responsibilities, and accountabilities for all aspects of our operation, including the cessation of a partnership.

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