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Have you read enough and want to jump in to help us help others?
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What is Mobile Pathways?

Mobile Pathways is a nonprofit whose mission is to simplify immigration law, and to share that knowledge with the immigrant community via mobile technology.We help immigrants gain access to reliable legal information about their numerous pathways to immigration via mobile phone technology. We partner with immigration-based nonprofits and attorneys to reach the vast and diverse population of intending immigrants.

Why mobile technology?

Mobile phones are used world wide and are used extensively by immigrants. In fact, almost all immigrants have used mobile phones before coming to the U.S. Almost all immigrants and undocumented individuals purchase phones upon their arrival. Most therefore, also have access to text technology, voice mail, internet access, etc.

How much will Mobile Pathways charge?

Mobile Pathways is free for all immigrants.

Is Hola Asistente an App?

No, Hola Asistente is not an app. It utilizes a users cell phone to communicate using SMS, and MMS to reach the target user.

What languages can Hola Asistente accommodate?

Mobile Pathways uses technology which can accomodate all languages, although the current languages include Spanish, English, French, Ukrainian, and Creole (with more languages coming soon).

If I want to discontinue Hola Asistente, will it destroy my information?

Yes, if you request, Mobile Pathways will destroy all of your information.

Is Hola Asistente confidential?

Yes, Hola Asistente is 100% confidential and does not share any information with the US government or any other third party without your consent.

Does Mobile Pathways pass on my information?

Mobile Pathways does not pass on information to others. We are currently assessing needs for legal representation and may introduce additional services in the future. At that time, and with your additional consent, we can pass on your information to nonprofits, attorneys, or immigration advocates who have registered with Mobile Pathways and who may be able to help you. The information is never shared with the government.

How long will Hola Asistente look for my case if the court does not have my information?

At this time, Hola Asistente will keep looking for six months. As we augment our capacity, we can keep looking for longer. Come back and resubscribe any time you want.

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