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Have you read enough and want to jump in to help us help others?
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What is Mobile Pathways?

Mobile Pathways is a nonprofit whose mission is to simplify immigration law, and to share that knowledge with the immigrant community via mobile technology.

Why mobile technology?

Mobile phones are used world wide and are used extensively by immigrants. In fact, almost all immigrants have used mobile phones before coming to the U.S. Almost all immigrants and undocumented individuals purchase phones upon their arrival. Most therefore, also have access to text technology, voice mail, internet access, etc.

How much will Mobile Pathways charge?

Mobile Pathways will be free for all immigrants and undocumented individuals. Mobile Pathways has plans to develop a version for the legal community that may have a subscription charge.

Can Mobile Pathways be used nationally?

Yes, immigration laws are national, and therefore can be used throughout the US.

Can Mobile Pathways help with information that is specific to a geographic location?

Yes, Mobile Pathways will also aggregate information so that it can assist immigrants with case specific quesions related to the time and place of appointments and court dates.

Is Mobile Pathways an app?

No, Mobile Pathways is not an app. It utilizes a users cell phone to communicate using SMS, MMS, and voice to reach the target user.

What languages can Mobile Pathways accommodate?

Mobile Pathways will use Salesforce technology which can accomodate all languages, although the first two language it will support are Spanish and English.

Can Mobile Pathways do more than offer legal advice?

Yes, it can send any information that can be helpful to immigrants. Examples include: how to obtain medical services, how to obtain a drivers license, where to take English classes, certain tax information, if the person is eligible for a work permit, etc.

How do people sign up for Mobile Pathways?

A customer will make initial contact with Mobile Pathways through their cell phone. For example, they can text a message like "si" or "yes" to a short code like 21465. Once they have made contact, then Mobile Pathways will communicate via text message.

Is Mobile Pathways confidential?

Yes, Mobile Pathways is 100% confidential and does not share any information with the US government.

Does Mobile Pathways store my information?

Yes, Mobile Pathways stores information (with your consent) so that it can best help you with your immigration questions. The information will be stored on a unique Salesforce Contact ID, such as a cell phone number.

Does Mobile Pathways pass on my information?

With your consent, Mobile Pathways can pass on your information to nonprofits, attorneys, or immigration advocates who have registered with Mobile Pathways and who may be able to help you. However, it never shares information with the government.

If I want to discontinue Mobile Pathways, will it destroy my information?

Yes, if you request, Mobile Pathways will destroy all of your information.

Can Mobile Pathways help with the news about DHS separating families at the border?

Yes, Mobile Pathways will be able to help families navigate their process. Mobile Pathways can help separate fact from fiction, help them understand the various court requirements, how long the families will be divided, how to get out on bond, how to change their case to a location where the person has family, etc.

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