about us

What we do, why we do it, and who we do it for


We believe that everyone deserves fair access to justice so they can live a better life.


We are the bridge connecting immigrants to advocates and services via trusted mobile technology and data.

Mobile Pathways helps underserved immigrants gain access to reliable legal information about their numerous pathways to immigration.

We partner with immigration-based nonprofits to inform the diverse population of underserved immigrants about their legal rights via mobile technology and data.

theory of change

staying here is hard

Underserved immigrants looking to establish themselves in the U.S. have great difficulty navigating the maze of our immigration system, due to the law’s complexity, the cost of representation, and language barriers.

We Make Staying Easy(er)

Gaining legal immigration status in the U.S. means knowing where to begin. Our solution helps immigrants know how to begin the process, and will further navigate them through the complex immigration process.

Messages Are Sent via Text

We empower immigration nonprofits with mobile phone technology to ensure immigrants are safe and prepared on their journy.

Make a Connection

Underserved immigrants receive information on the steps needed to keep their American dream alive. Mobile Pathways will ensure they are connected to a safe and trusted partner that will guide their case forward.

build capacity with tech

We create cutting-edge legal tools for immigration based nonprofits and attorneys with contextualized data about their clients so they can do their jobs better and faster.

our core values

Be Fierce

Immigration is a contentious issue that stirs passion in the soul. Undoubtedly, scrutiny and opposition to our views exists. And in the face of that opposition, we will remain steadfast in our core values.

Be Unabashedly Patriotic

We are proud Americans that believe that the United States has been and always will be a welcoming home for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Give First

We lead with benevolence and rise by lifting others selflessly. By giving first and selflessly helping from the outset, we open the door for lasting and meaningful relationships.

Listen To Those We Serve

We listen to the needs of those we serve. We cannot allow our vision to blind us to what our beneficiaries are telling us they need. We will pivot, we will adapt, and we will thrive.

Embrace Human Dignity

It's not our job to play judge or jury, to determine who is worthy of our kindness and who is not. We choose to understand why everyone deserves an opportunity to live the American Dream.

Do Not Judge

We believe that the law is the difference between a society ruled by the most powerful and one that honors the dignity of everyone, strong or weak.


Our purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance. While we work to help people where they are today, we do not lose sight of a systemic solution in the coming future.