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Poesy Chen

2021 CIRF Impact Report

CIRF 2021 Impact Report

by Poesy Chen
Innovation Director, Mobile Pathways

California Immigrant Resilience Fund (CIRF) was the reason why I started to work for Mobile Pathways. Running reports, watching the reach of the program blossom, I smiled. Every dollar, every dot on a graph, was someone with a roof over their head because of CIRF. Every login, every report, was someone who worked tirelessly to help others.

The statistics we collected are priceless. It accurately paints a picture of the reality faced by our undocumented community. Mobile Pathways and the MyCamino platform seamlessly combine data from all the participating partners into one cohesive canvas while protecting individuals’ privacy. The desire to further understand this data has pushed our analytical capabilities to the next level - combining other publicly available data to tease out trends and to articulate needs.

California Impact Map

I am proud of the work we have done and learned a lot through the interactions with our partners.

The ongoing success of the CIRF partnership is a powerful reminder that we are stronger than any one of us.

I learned how to empathize with the plight of having to manage an operation with minimal technology assistance. I learned how to offer help without making things too complicated. Most important of all, I made friends and bonded with our partners. That too, made me smile everyday.

We wish for a day when this type of cash assistance is no longer needed. Until then, I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with you and your partners to reach even more people.