Building Pathways for Collective Impact

Jeffrey O'Brien

2021 Social Impact Report

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Immigrants are humans, so as far as I’m concerned, immigrant rights are human rights.

I empathize deeply with immigrants because we share the same goals—personal safety, economic security, and an opportunity to realize our potential. These are the founding ideals of America, a nation born of immigrants.

Let’s be clear, our pursuit of liberty and justice for all often falls short.

We must honor the dignity of everyone by ensuring our laws are easily accessible and clear to understand.

For Mobile Pathways, this means bringing clarity and sharing innovation with our immigrant advocate partners. 

I love that we can use technology to achieve things at scale, bring down costs, and share data. 

The coalitions we lead are a powerful reminder that we are stronger than any one of us. Altogether, we’re powering a radical realignment of our immigration system. 

2021 Social Impact Report
Our coalitions drive real change at scale. Read the full report here.

Our biggest challenge and opportunity that we face ahead is focusing on which technology to build. With feedback from our partners, data analysis of our impact, and even artificial intelligence, I know we will make the right decisions to provide legal aid to the masses. So whether you are donor, a partner, or you’re thinking of joining us, we thank you for reading this short report, which reflects the work of countless individuals striving towards a just America for everyone.

If you would like to make gift, click below and 100% of your donation will support Hola Asistente so we can bring legal aid to the masses. Thanks again, people like you are why America is great.