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data driven justice

Explore our dashboards and insights about how immigration justice is failing asylum seekers.

meet asylum navigator

Asylum Navigator, developed by Mobile Pathways, is a groundbreaking data insights platform designed to empower immigration attorneys and human rights defenders. It provides instant insights, contextualized data, and easily understandable information regarding asylum seekers' cases in immigration court.

Immigration attorneys face the challenge of managing numerous cases while aiming for speed and precision. Asylum Navigator, driven by predictive analytics, equips immigration attorneys focusing on removal defense with invaluable, in-depth insights into trends within asylum seekers' cases.

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Access concise briefings that highlight emerging trends among asylum seekers through our comprehensive analysis.


Origin and residence matter. Our data shows inequalities by nationality, court location, and judge.


Made possible by the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and the American Bar Endowment,
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Mix and match case information by nationality, court, and judge to instantly show trends.
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