Marginalized immigrants cannot afford legal counsel while being required to navigate a complex legal system.

Historically marginalized immigrants face an epidemic of injustice.
They cannot afford legal counsel while being required to navigate a complex legal system.
Additionally, immigration nonprofits cannot afford technologies to reach immigrants at scale.
We build cutting-edge technology for immigration nonprofits so they can help more intending immigrants.

what we do

We drive digital transformation to accelerate the
collective impact of immigration advocates working altogether.
We screen candidate organizations for efficacy and ensure their commitment to serving marginalized immigrants.
We build communal technologies for immigration advocates to offer better coordination, tracking, and management of legal cases.
To drive systemic change, we will strategically distribute evidence to targeted stakeholders, including courts, governments, civil society, and the media.


Our coalition’s key ingredients are trust, innovation, and community. 
We represent many immigrant groups with a proven track record of
empowering people with vital information and services. 
We track impact in with real-time analytics  so we
continually improve our immigration justice efforts.
of California immigration legal nonprofits partner with Mobile Pathways.
Legal cases are being
tracked by our coalition
with real-time analytics.
Hours saved by
immigration advocates
not doing manual work.

join our coalition

To be part of the Legal Defense Coalition, immigration advocates should:

• Be a 501(c) nonprofit.
• Have established deep trust of the communities they serve.
• Provide exceptional legal services and be recognized as leaders in their field.
• Focus on historically neglected communities.
• Have immigration attorneys on staff or as volunteers that provide pro bono services.
• Represent a minimum of 50 legal matters per year.

By joining, Mobile Pathways will help:

• Digitally transform your organization to receive automated updates from government sources (via email or text).
• Provide technology assistance to help advocates do their jobs better and faster.
• Provide grants or technology hardware (in certain circumstances), to build a nonprofits' organizational capacity.

thank you

Our impact would not be possible without the support of: